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Trinity Hall Irish Pub

Join Us For A Pint Soon!

Join Us For A Pint Soon!

Toast Our Local Club

Toast Our Local Club

Favorite Wine Shop in Grapevine, Texas

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Favorite Wine Shop in Grapevine, Texas

Our little town of

Youghal stands,
Beneath the Irish mountains still defiant,
Our little town

on Yew tree hill,
Is like a pigmy to a giant......

Leo Crowley

Pub Poet Laureate 2014









          Our Tuesday Tasting events consist of 6 sample pours of 3/4 oz each served with light snacks throughout the evening to accompany the spirit. Tastings will be led by either a brand level ambassador,  or one of our in-house team. Unless noted, there is generally plenty of seating & product available, and we'll save you a seat if you click the Save Me A Seat link and hit send!! We offer open seating arrangements, guests can gather at the tables of their choice, we will greet & confirm that you intend to be a part of, or are accompanying someone doing the tasting, servers will check with you throughout the evening and can arrange additional food, or other drinks. We'll present your check and arrange payment with you at the end of the evening.


          An opportunity to stretch your palette and experience new and exciting tastes & flavors!  Generally speaking we taste whiskies & spirits, but watch out for special Beer, Wine & occasional food tastings like.. The Miracle Berry! Tastings are a little different than going on the tear for the evening, its more about capturing the small individual flavors, aromas & textures that combined create what we register as taste.


         When we taste whiskey we are looking to get past the initial burst of alcohol fume that rises from the glass, and when sniffed directly causes a slight discomfort in the bridge of the nose, and sometimes a little eye watering... However, we breathe with mouth & nose, mixing air & spirit, roll this over the olfactory nerves to get that 80 % of flavor that we get from our nose, and then crack the whiskey with a little water to gather the last 20% of flavors.  




        Beers are easier on the nose, but require a little loosening to get the aromatics in the air so that you can smell and breathe the flavors. Best method of opening the beer to the air, pour a big foamy head and let the bubbles burst - each pop is more aroma tickling your olfactory!


        We all have seen the fun of decanting wines, aerating and beginning the process of oxidation  that eventually turns wine to something less pleasant. However, sometimes getting a wine to open fully can require a little help, either by using an aerator or bubbling funnel or swirling & splashing it about!



      So, our Tuesday Tasting evenings are opportunities to try new expressions of things you may already have an interest in. Enjoying new wines, beers or whiskies side by side allows us to see the differences more clearly.



      Our Tasting Night's Program begin with the 1st pour at 7:30PM, as it is open seating we suggest joining us between 7-7:15PM to find a seat or table you'll enjoy. Our snack items are similar to tapas in portion & style, designed to accompany the spirit, but not necessarily a full meal, some of our guests will join us early or sit with us after the tasting, and we'll present checks at the end of your visit so no pre-payment is required.


BRUCIHLADDICH An Islay Distillery

Tuesday October 7th, 7:30 PM


"PROGRESSIVE HEBRIDEAN DISTILLERS of classic and peaty single malt whisky, including the world's most heavily peated whisky, Octomore." Seems simple enough, but this distillery has been on the leading edge over the last decade of bringing flavorful and aromatic whiskies to the marketplace. Unfortunately, it is another brand that is hard to find in stores, and we have had to bide our time to build a good enough selection for a night out at Trinity Hall! So, we'll post a full list before we open up reservations, and this will be a limited seating event as we may be only fortunate enough to get single bottles of some of the extra special items, so keep an eye on this spot! Considering the cost of the line we do expect that the price per guest may increase for this event but this will be determined by the final list.  We will send an alert note out to past tasting night attendees 24 hours before the website posting opens, to give past guests 1st opportunity for this special tasting!


Still moving things around but here are some of the candidates for the tasting.....




The world's most heavily peated whisky, this is the sixth edition of the

 uber-experimental cult Octomore.


Titanic amounts of peat but with a light, delicate complexity and a beguiling finesse. Young, yet eminently mature, it defies us. It remains an enigma.


We embrace that.

Here, we pay tribute to its pedigree, to the land from which it came and the raw materials that gave it life: Octomore Scottish Barley.


The Classic Laddie



"Conviviality! Relaxed, enjoying the spirit in the glass and the laughter from tales often told but never tired of hearing"

This is the third of the first three whiskies to appear in Bruichladdich's Cuvee range - Eroica, subtitled 'Oh mensch! Gieb acht! Was spricht die tiefe mitternacht?',

The opening line from a song in Nietzsche's

Thus Spoke Zarathustra


It's an American oak matured whisky finished in Limousin oak that once held brandy

21 Years Old





The Laddie 16



"Martini - any time, any place..."






A very special bottling release from a single 22 year old whisky that started in Bourbon cask and was finished in one of the top Bordeaux wine's barrels, and promises to be an unforgettable treat for all who attend!


(Picture is not only  representative and is not a picture of the specific expression)

The Organic



"Mischievous. Coy, flirtatious, Lolita. A breast-surging, bodice ripper: breathlessly virtuous."



" Meandering winter walk."



$ 45 per person+ sales tax,

check presented at the end of your evening with us!


for this event, and we'll add new schedule shortly!





Besides these ones we are hoping to bring new and old friends back to the tasting program in the year ahead. If you have a line up, a distillery, or style tasting you'd like to see on our dance card, let us know! Drop me a line (CLICK HERE) and we'll get on it in the weeks ahead!

  • Tullibardine Overcoming a brief mothballing, then expansion and a new set of owners in 2011, this distillery is located on what is considered the crossroads of Highland and Lowlands, producing classic Highland Single Malts with Sherry Cask finishing.


  •   The Arran Distillery Recently highlighted by one of our Tasting Guests, we'll be looking to see how many we can arrange together, and will fill in with another small independent to make it a fun night


  •  A.D. Rattray  Single cask independent bottling selections, offered at cask strength so we'll be pouring a little less and charging a little more than our usual tastings but a great opportunity to sample one of a kind casks curated by the Morrison family who previously oversaw the Auchentoshan, Balmore & Glen Garrioch  distilleries & brands.





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