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BUSY JUNE! We'll Be Watching Lots of Footy!

  • FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 - Live From France - June 7th Kick Off

  • Copa America Cup 2019 - Internationals Live - South America - June 14th Kick Off 

  • Gold Cup 2019 - Internationals Live - Caribbean, North & South America - June 15th Kick Off 


If we have a match listed on our calendar we will be here to watch it, if it is the the 1st match of the day we will open doors within 15 minutes of kick-off, we ensure that all matches are shown with volume, and that everyone gets to enjoy their match. As shown on the calendar there are numerous times with multiple matches, we set the room in advance so it is not always possible to move the screens once we are up and running. 

TV Schedule Shows Below

Our fixture list is a google calendar which some  cell / mobile ad blockers may not show, while we work on a solution , please turn off the blocker or include an exemption for this site address. 

Look for scroll bar on right hand side of the Fixture Table

to see more dates & matches



    Watched in a pub that was all Hargy Bargy, Push & Shove, FNBlind?  Come along and watch with us where Moms can bring their sons and Dads their daughters to enjoy the beautiful game among passionate fans who understand the difference between the occasional surprising outburst and a 90-minute rant at the Ref, Team, League & passers-by!  We Watch The Match & Enjoy The Game!


 FC SUPPORTERS CLUBS' HOME PUBS: (Any updates or changes, let us know & we'll update!)

       AFC Bournemouth - Trinity Hall Irish Pub           West Ham - McSwiggans  (The Colony)

       Arsenal                     -  Londoner, Addison            Manchester United - Henderson TapHouse (Dallas)

       Chelsea FC               -  Londoner, Addison            Liverpool -  Londoner, Addison   

       Manchester  City   - Traveling Club Currently    Tottenham Hotspur   - The Irishman

       Bayern Munich      -  British Beverage Co.           Newcastle  United - The Londoner

       Celtic FC                  -  Trinity Hall Irish Pub            Penya Barca  - The Rugby House Pub

       Peña Real Madrid -  Si Tapas, Dallas

Every weekend there's a match we'll have fans watching, so when you want to catch a match  with Everton, Crystal Palace, Watford, Burnley, Southampton, Brighton Hove Albion, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Leicester, Huddersfield, we'll be watching it here, and your more than welcome to join us!

We do carry ESPN+ and catch Championship, League Cup, Serie A & La Liga games too,

so if your match is not on our calendar please ask and we'll see what we can do! 



 Thanks for watching with us!

            Fixtures are posted up to 2 weeks in advance, and may contain errors or incorrect information, most will be updated and corrected before game day! If you are not sure about something you see or read, please call the Pub for clarification!

           Bar service on Saturday mornings starts at 7AM  Sunday's alcohol service available at 10AM, when served with food or Noon if no food has been purchased! It is illegal to bring alcohol into or remove it from a permitted outlet. 

           We may be here & open before bar permit allows sale of alcohol, please keep in mind we follow state law.

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