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'Made The Foynes Way"

                  Did you know that Irish Coffee was first served at a wee airport in Co.Limerick in Ireland?  On a bad weather night, a flight returned to the airport to await better weather, the passengers were brought to the terminal's restaurant to warm up. The Chef whipped up a treat that he knew would bring a little comfort on that cold rainy night...... The guest on tasting the delicious treat asked Chef what kind of coffee it was, Irish Coffee he said with smile, and so began this great tradition!


                  There are plenty of versions now, adding creme de menthe, smokey whiskies, spray can cream, etc... but we serve the way Chef Sheridan intended, except we use a 14 ounce mug so the enjoyment goes on a lot longer!

Warm The Mug!
Add       Brown Sugar
Add Real
Irish Whiskey!
Fill With Fresh Hot Coffee!
whipped cream poured on top


Visit the Foynes Flying Boat Museum for more information about the great history of Foynes in aviation and of course, in creating Irish Coffee as a new tradition for the traveling public!

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