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 Como muchas horas como usted desea trabajar, servidores, cocineros y limpiadores

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Trinity Hall Irish Pub opened since 2001 has been very fortunate over the years to attract a great cadre of service people who enjoy taking care of others. Over 15 years we have had staff start as dishwashers and leave us as cooks to start training as Chefs, we have had Food Runners come aboard as they finished high school and go on to serve through their college years, and best of all are those staff that enjoy the business, the people and the flexibility that they come back to work with us on special occasions, big events and when they are saving for their next big life event. 


        The Pub is a small business, with a close team that operates in an honest and open manner, our focus is our guests and having happy employees makes all of our time here much easier to enjoy. Scheduling is flexible, we understand school and family commitments. Responsibility & Enthusiasm for Serving others are key characteristics that we search for.


       If you are a Whiskey Guru, Beer Geek, Trad Music fan, Soccer supporter, Rugby watcher, New to the area and trying to get settled, or established & have time to share with others, come visit the pub and see if its a place you'd like to spend some of your work time at! Ask any of us how we got here, take home a job application and when you are ready, drop it off. We may not have the job you want right now, but you'll be first on the list when it comes open!


      We do suggest a visit rather than doing online applications, otherwise you might be surprised that we are not what you thought we were when you come to work! Be Choosey! When you enjoy where, and what, you work at you feel better, and enjoy life a lot more.  


 Our Team Cares, We Don't Do Drama, We Rely On Each Other, We Expect To Have Great Days!


If you are thinking of a job change, starting fresh again, we hope you'll consider joining us

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