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Offer of the Month!

Especially for our local and regular guests a thank you program that serves up a new offer around the 17th of every month that can be redeemed before the start of the following month! 

Taking advantage of all the new technology tools available nowadays, this program allows us to connect up with our Facebook fans that are using Messenger, and they can enroll with a click of a button!


Key Benefits For Our Guests:

  • No Fee or Cost For Our Enrollees! - This may change based on demand 

  • Alert sent around the 17th of each month via messenger

  • Offer will be different each  month, and may include 

    • Buy One Get One Free Offer

    • % Off Discount Certificate

    • Offer Targeting Different Meal Periods - Brunch, Dinner, Pre-Movie, etc..

    • Invite to a Special Event, Meal or Tasting

    • Free Item

    • Gift Certificate Boost Offer (Buy $50 Get $70 or similar)

    • Any other way for us to say thank you for your regular business

    • Offers may be delivered by Email, Messenger or US Post throughout the year

Click Here To Sign Up NOW

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