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Poker Night 

Poker Night

Texas Holdem Poker  

       Our weekly Pub game is a family friendly, table focused, no limit game of hold em, dealt by the players, with blinds raised as decided by the table. Its not the place for hoodies, mirror glasses or ear buds, rather a pint, a smile and some laughs are what we hope you enjoy!


        OVERVIEW : Our usual Monday Night we will have 3 or 4 tables of 8 players, all will have signed up at the bar by 7:15PM to give us time to balance table counts and bring out more chips if needed. We ask everyone to be seated or standing beside their table within 10 minutes of the 1st deal. Finals seating arrangements will be at the Pub's sole approval as we attempt to balance the number of players per game.


        When you sign in, you'll read about our Beer & Food Specials that are offered every week, with upto $2 off featured drafts and $3 off featured menu entrees

         PLAY :      Game 1.  plays each Monday at 7:30 PM  and last hand at 9:00PM.  The top six chip holders in the room will move on to the final table, they will be joined by 2 players from the previous week.


                           Game 2. Deals in at 9:30PM those guests that are not on the finals table may play on the consolation table(s) which play through 11PM. Then the top 2 chip holders on Consolation tables will be eligible for the following week's Final Table! 


                             We begin each game with new set of chips and do not carry over chips from table to table, nor do we refill tables. Every house has their rules and so do we, and first is do no harm to the game. This means questions about a call, a bet or a house rule are answered by house, and generally not in mid game. Specific issues that have been addressed will be posted below for reference. If it hasn't been played here that way before, its not starting tonight! Suggestions for improving the play or action are always appreciated and can be submitted attached to a $20 Bill to the Pit Boss. 

        WEEKLY PRIZES :  

       1st $30*          

            2nd $25*        

                     3rd $20*

                             4th $15*

       *Top 4 Chip holders on the Finals Table each week will receive gift certifcates that are good at Trinity Hall on the winner's next visit. 


If you enjoy playing free poker online, and want to play around real people that are nice, or people that are real nice, you may have found your game!  


        First hands are dealt at 7:30PM & 9:30PM sharp, to avoid missing the deal and losing your seat we suggest joining us early to sign in and then to stay close to your assigned table 10 Minutes before game starts. If you want to refresh your knowledge on winning hands and how we play Pub Poker please download our Pub Poker Rules! to start. Additional items addressed recently include:

             Mis-deal becomes Burn Card everytime, there is no choice for player, when misdeal occurs during dealing of 1st cards all players cards are burned and new cards are dealt, if dealer is on 2nd and subsequent cards when mis deal occurs it is only the players; mis dealt card that is burned. 


            Straddle Bets are not permitted, due to the variants in this bet, each of which impacts different players and the betting procedure ether by round or hand, we do not and its low level of use by recreational players, we have chosen to not permit its use. 

            Birthday Cakes served during the game night must be offered to all players without concern as to what their chip count is. 

            The Provost's Screen will be reserved for showing Dancing With The Stars when the program is in season, except on those weeks in which national security, national championships or players at Table #1 do not object to a different program unanimously .

             Comfort & care for any horses ridden in  the Pub for the game,  is the responsibility of the player/rider and not the Pub Staff and should be resolved before sitting down at the table! 


             The Pub may at its own and sole discretion  remove a player from the game at any time and for any reason,

we may also refuse entry to the game 

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