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Sorry we drank all the stock we thought we would use for our tasting this month.... Its getting tough to find! So, we are going to cancel July's tasting and start working on August's instead.   

Tuesday August 6th ~  7:30pm

Whiskies from Asia - we're gathering a selection from Japan & Taiwan and learning more about it all the time! 

Did you know that it is legal to import 18 year old Canadian Whiskey into Japan, barrel finish, bottle and release and it can be called 18 Year Old Japanese Whiskey? When you can't find the Yamazaki 18 for less than a grand, but another is available at 200...... there is a chance that one has direct-source malt whiskey. 

Plan to taste expressions from Omar and Kavalan out of Taiwan, selection from Matsui of Japan, including Single Malt, Blend and a Peated version!  


$ 35 ~ Per Guest, Checks are presented at the end of the evening

 CLICK HERE to Send A Reservation Request 


We are looking forward to serving you & appreciate your interest in tasting Whiskies!

WHAT TO EXPECT AT OUR TASTING EVENTS! Check out our video on the top of the page!

      Seating sufficient for attendance expected will be set aside in the pub. Each place setting will have Tasting notes, Nosing Glass and a large Glass of Water! Seating is open and guests seat themselves upon arrival. Closer to speakers or off to the side, it is up to each party, and many of our regulars enjoy sitting with new guests so don't e afraid to join an exisiting party! 


    Our Tasting Night's Program begin with the 1st pour at 7:30PM, as it is open seating we suggest joining us between 7-7:15PM to find a seat or table you'll enjoy. Our snack items are similar to tapas in portion & style, designed to accompany the spirit, but not necessarily a full meal, some of our guests will join us early or sit with us after the tasting for a bite. Service includes up to 6 sample pours of 3/4oz of an expression, or equivalent of 3 1/2 drinks served over 2 hours. We present checks at the end of your visit so no pre-payment is required, although servers may ask for your credit card initially to ensure that they can set up your tab and be ready for when all want to leave. 

Recent Past Tastings! - 

Tartan Week.jpg
Italian Feast.jpg

Past Event - June 11th  ~ Bourbons You'll Like!  

With all the buzz about Bourbons and shortages, and which ones guests could find in the shop, we gathered a few of our favorites that are easy drinking and approachable pricewise when you see them!      Line Up :- Eagle Rare 10 Year,  Widow Jane 10 Yr, Breckenridge, Blantons, TX Bourbon and Isaac Bowman  and IW Harper 15 year A mix of classic + harder to find,  to new to us and great to try. 

Past Event - Mar 16th ~ Upside Down Wines  

Sommelier & distributor, Steve Murphey, gathered up Southern Hemisphere wines from areas as diverse as Brazil to South Africa, and stop overs to taste selections in New Zealand, Chile, and Argentina too!  A fun evening with surprising highlights including Pinotage  - delicious enough to be selected for revisiting, and a new to us Brazilian Sparkling (Chard/Pinot Noir) with a great finish!

Past Event - Apr 2nd +9th! ~ Tartan Week  

With 110+ distilleries distributing, and plenty of smaller farm or craft stills working in Scotland, there are lots of flavors and styles to taste in Scottish whiskies. We tasted through a malted barley which is a single grain, highland and Islay, sherry cask and french oak barrel all keeping within the scope of regional tastes!

Past Event - Mar 19th ~ Kilbeggan Irish  Tasting Notes 

Brand Ambassador Paul Fenn came by to present the line of Irish whiskies produced by the SuntoryBeam group. Kilbeggan restarted on the 250th anniversary of their establishment in 2007 by then independent distillers who operated the Cooley distillery. The distillery had been mothballed for over 50 years! This was our first taste of the Ireland's 1st Rye too!

Past Event - Mar 5th ~ Regional Styles Tasting Notes 

In the absence of Ambassadors in the market, and left to our own devices,  we gathered,  examples of regional styles of whiskies and chatted about the differences and similarities that exist between Irish, Scotch Blends, Single Malts, and Bourbon.  

Past Event - Feb 19th ~ TX Master Class -

F&R Distillers of Ft Worth's Head Distiller gave us the whiskey makers view of process that it takes to produce a whiskey like TX Bourbon. For a group like us who are well used to the marketing team of a distiller or brand to fill our heads with the feel of standing ont he ridge looking out over the loch and breathing in the heather.... Rob drilled down to the chemical reactions that make a difference between great lines and ok to sell lines. TX is the former!

Past Event - Jan 8th ~ Regional Flavors - Tasting Notes 

A refresher course after the last bruising Blind Tasting, revisiting Ireland with Temple Bar's 12 year, Jameson Gold (quickly going extinct), Dalwhinnie, Compass Box Spanaird, finishing up with Springbank 18 year old...... really a very tough night for whiskey drinkers.... Ha Ha !


Past Event - Dec 11th ~ A Presto! - 

Our friend in the wine business gathered up a selection of new to the market Italian wines paired up with a range of Italian bites. Another information evening with Steve Murphey  members of the Wine Slobs tasting group and regular tasting attendees. 


Past Event - Dec 4th ~ Blind Line Up! - Tasting Notes

A fun line up of seven whiskies, all named and numbered, and then served blind side by side so guests could taste through and use the notes to  try and identify expressions! Our most successful taster correctly identified 5 of 7, a number of guests correctly selected 4 of the 7. The key hurdle was the Dark Rye (finished in Port Cask) and a 7 year high proof bourbon that had some similar qualities.  

Past Event - Nov 13th ~ Beer & Cupcakes! - 

Past Event - Nov 6th ~ American sElection - Tasting Notes

Past Event - Aug 10th ~ West Cork Distillery - Tasting Notes

Past Event - Oct 2nd ~ Wee Bit O Rye! - Tasting Notes

Past Event - Nov 6th ~ American sElection - Tasting Notes

Past Event - Aug 21st ~ Turkish Wines - 

Past Event - July 10th ~ Classic Expressions! - Tasting Notes

 A brief recap of delicious expressions from Scotland's marquee distilleries that are always prominent on back bars of local hostleries!  From Glenmorangie to Ardbeg, Glenfiddich & Balvenie, Dewars, out to Laphraoig. A fine night out with some great conversation and delicous drams including Ardbeg's Grooves

Past Event - June 5th ~ Tequila Tasting! - Tasting Notes

 A great night of redressing our Tequila Palate memories!  Fun to try three unique Blancos with varying settling time of 3 weeks to 1year in stainless and three Anejos with 8 to 18 months of barrel aging. Great to know that there are families still producing their Tequila by hand, managing their farm, roasting their own pinas and fermenting the way their forefathers did. Highlights included Azunia's delicious line up - well worth tasting!

Past Event - May 29th  - Med Sea Wines  

         3rd Level Sommelier &  Wine Guru Steve Murphy outdid himself with new tastes, countries & varietals for us all to taste, Spain, Italy & Greece but then Lebanon?? Turkey??? What eye openers and all well received from White to Rose to Reds, well done our Steve! Whats Next... We're thinking a full on All Turkish line up - Thanks for a great night. 

Past Event - May 8th  - More Irish!  Tasting Notes

         What a fun way to get to know the National & State Ambassador for The Kilbeggan Distilling Company! Together with Kieran Foillard of 2Gingers fame led us through a great selection from Single Grain, Regular Blend and Single Malts to bright & light or dark and smokey!)

Past Event - May 8th  - More Irish!  Tasting Notes

         What a fun way to get to know the National & State Ambassador for The Kilbeggan Distilling Company! Together with Kieran Foillard of 2Gingers fame led us through a great selection from Single Grain, Regular Blend and Single Malts to bright & light or dark and smokey!)

Past Event - Feb 20th  - Champagne!  Tasting Notes

         Now That Is The Way To Drink Champagne!  - Gather 20+ of your best friends, grab a big saber, and then use it to open like 20 bottles! Guests of the tasting were quick to compete for a chance of lopping off the heads of various Champagne & Napa sparklers! Rose, Blanc De Blanc and both sides of the Atlantic paired up with small bites like Deviled Eggs, Truffle Tots, Popcorn, Waffle Crisps, Smoked Salmon toasts & Berries with sabayon

Past Event - Jan 30th  - Imported Brandies  Tasting Notes

          Nice change of pace! Instead of boiled beer we enjoyed boiled wines and one boiled cider, covering the Iberian peninsula with French examples from Cognac, (Cognac),  Normandy (Calvados) & down south close to the Spanish border (Armagnac) and then another from Jerez Spain, which better known for Sherry.... but you need wine spirit to fortify your wine to make it Sherry so with a little wood aging you get Spanish Brandy!

Check out our tasting  notes available above! 

Past Event - Feb 6th  - Bartender Favorites  Tasting Notes

          Its not unusual to have a guest sit at the bar and say.... "So tell me, what makes Irish better than Scotch? " This is a great question to ask as it allows us a lot of room to answer it! Most of our ardent fans know that we think Irish is the best because ... ahem.... we are an IRISH pub! But to explain differences we reach for specific bottles  which we think highlight the attributes of region or style, and so this months list reflects the ones we pick up.  

Past Event - Mar 6th  - Irish!  Tasting Notes

         On a recent visit to our local whiskey retailers I noticed the sheer number Irish Whiskey brands and expressions there are on their shelves. As we remind guests before Prohibition there were upwards of 300 Distilleries in Ireland - shortly after Prohibition the country was done to only 2. It stayed that way until 1987 when Ireland's 1st new distillery opened. This past year ended with over 18 distilleries up and running and by 2020 forty or more are expected!

Past Event - Jan 9th  - Symphonic Blends  Tasting Notes

    Considering the success of blend whiskey in the market reports of 80+% of whiskey sold from Scotland is blended, this should be a treat. The intention of the blender is to make the whole better than each individual component, adding Islay smoke as a component rather than overwhelming  flavor, the bringing the fresh lowland floral notes to the fore, ideally completing as a well-orchestrated symphony on the palate & olfactory!  A grand night with Bonus tastes of Phenomology & No Name editions from Compass Box Whisky Company!

Past Event - Dec 5th  - The Macallan  Tasting Notes


        A fun wrap up for the year with a sampling of The Macallan's recent non-age statement expressions which highlighted the impact of aroma with a collaboration with a Parfumier, the breadth of flavors brought by the wood in another and a third that was a collaboration with the World's Top Restaurant's three brothers, plus checking the Regular 12 vs the Double Cask style, and finishing with the Classic Cut 2017 and the 18 Year old as a bonus to celebrate a year!. 

Past Event - Nov 7th  - All About G's  -  


        This was a selection of Single Malts from Scotland that came from distilleries that are all named with a G to start it! GlenTurret, Glengyle (Kilkerran 12), Glenlossie, Glendullan, Glenburgie and Glengoyne!  All new to us whiskies so our tasting guests were pleasantly surprised by the range and variety!

Past Event - Oct 10th  - SMOKIES!  Tasting Notes

        A cooler Tuesday evening was forecast, a chilly evening by recent standards, a high of 72+ during the day and even a bit of rain to add to the atmosphere, so we put together a list some smokey Island whiskies!  Not the usual suspects but a nice mix of expressions that included Blend (Grain & Malt), Vatted Malt (Mix of Single Malts), Single Malt, Single Cask & Special edition.

Event - Sept 19th - Paul John Malts  -  Tasting Notes

 A last minute addition thanks to the travel arrangements of the Distiller from Paul John stopping through DFW and available to come and chat about their efforts to create delicious whiskies in the heat of India!  Five Expressions described as Classic, Edited, Brilliance, Bold & Peated 

some Delicious Food & Hearing the Indian Story in 1st Person terms.

Event - Sept 5th - Rums!  - Tasting Notes

       So we went Rum hunting and found a selection that we think will make for a fun conversation and tasting event: -   10 year Clement (Martinique),  12 year Real McCoy (Barbados),

               El Dorado Single Barrels - EHB & ICBU  (Guyana),   25 year Kirk & Sweeney (Dom'n Rep),

               Mt Gay 1703 Master Select - 10-30 year blend - (Barbados ), Four Square,

               Zin Cask (Barbados) ranging in origin, age + barrel finishes, we will have fun with this one!

   Event - Aug 8th - Japanese Whiskies -   Tasting Notes

   Japan's whiskey making has as long a history as many of Scotland's oldest distilleries, however the diversity of producers that is found throughout Scotland has created a much more diverse palate of flavors over the years. In addition to standard Barley & Corn, we also tasted a rice expression too. Limited availability is a reflection of massive increase in demand from the Asian markets close by (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc) 

   Event - Aug 22nd - American Whiskies -   Tasting Notes

   We enjoyed a review of American Whiskies and quite often compared the rules, regs and traditions of the US Distilling program and those from Ireland and Scotland. We tasted the major  whiskey styles enjoying a Wheat, Corn Blend, Rye, Bourbon and Super aged as a bonus. 

 Past Event - Jul 18th - Regional Review -   Tasting Notes

    An opportunity to taste through the range of whiskies that we  call collectively Scotch! There are single grain, blends and single malts, and there are regional styles to chat about too. Tonight's tasting is a collection of unique expressions that offer all the different components that are produced around Scotland.

A Very Special 5th Annual "World Whisky Day" 

Shots of Knowledge - The Science of Whiskey presented by Rob Arnold, Eric Simanek & Dr Maggs Rittby

A full house came to hear & see the lecture offering insight into the actual chemical basis of Whiskey and how all the various parts come together to make the delicious elixir we know as whiskey!! 

We had such a good time, the overly educated trio  are preparing a treatise on the Science of Tasting!

Past Event-  June 3rd - Andy Calder  - Loch Lomond Group  - Notes


    A great  evening tasting through expressions from each of the three separate labels within the distilling group, Loch Lomond, Glen Scotia and Inchmurrin. Unique for us to host a tasting on a Saturday evening, with many of our usual crew unable to get away on a weekend, and a special treat for our guests that can't visit us during the usual Tuesday Night events.! We continue to look for new ways to share our whiskies!


Past Event  May 2nd  - Nicola Meldrum  TULLAMORE DEW   Menu

  A Change is as good as a rest, and what a nice change it was to have a full dinner to enjoy alongside 6 delicious expressions of Tullamore DEW with the delightful Nicola leading us from The Original through the soon to be discontinued Phoenix expression.  We'll have to do this more often!

Past Event  April 18th  - Dave Allardice  GLENFIDDICH   Notes Available  

A fun evening with a full  selection  from Glen Moray including their standard 10 &12 Year, a Madeira Cask finished single barrel, and Label 5's 18 year old - a blend that incorporates Glen Moray!  We appreciate the extra effort Mark & Mark put in , avoiding any controversies and not telling any off color jokes...

Past Event  April 4th  - Mark & Mark's   GLEN MORAY,  Notes Available  

A fun evening with a full  selection  from Glen Moray including their standard 10 &12 Year, a Madeira Cask finished single barrel, and Label 5's 18 year old - a blend that incorporates Glen Moray!  We appreciate the extra effort Mark & Mark put in , avoiding any controversies and not telling any off color jokes...

 Past Event March 15th Cult Vs Classic ~ Dr. Bill Lumsden No Notes Survived

 A night to remember, great presentation, amazing discussions, delicious whiskies and an after-glow that lasted a couple of day! A debate between David Blackmore (Global Brand Ambassador Glenmorangie) & Dr Bill Lumsden (Whisky Creator Ardbeg & Glenmorangie) offering insights into these two iconic distilleries & the expressions that they have produced.

March  7th -  Drop of Irish? - Past Event March 7th - Notes to follow

               Irish Whiskies in their many forms! While only a couple of years ago there were only 3 major distilleries

               producing commercially, by year's end it is expected there may be as many as seventeen! Of course there is a

               wee lag time between building and producing, and then another as spirit matures .... so most of the various brands and expressions currently offered are from either Midleton, Co. Cork, Dundalk, Co. Louth or Bushmills, Co. Antrim.   Expressions we plan to serve include;  Teeling Single Cask, Jack Ryan 12 year, Quiet Man 8 year, RedBreast Lustau, Knappogue Castle, Coopers Cruz, Exclusive Malt 

Inver House Distilling  - Past Event Feb 21st-  Notes Here

Inver House Distillers is a leading distiller of single malt whisky, owning and operating five distilleries: Old Pulteney DistilleryThe Speyburn-Glenlivet DistilleryBalblair DistilleryKnockdhu Distillery and Balmenach Distillery.

       Established originally as a subsidiary for an American company in the late 50's, demand outstripped supply and additional capacity was needed to meet their market demand, distilleries were built and bought out creating the group as it currently operates under Thai ownership.  



           Throughout the Caribbean Sea each Island has its own tradition of making rum, generally influenced by their most dominant colonizers, using either fermented sugar cane juice, black strap molasses or versions of both. We have expressions from Jamaica, Panama, Barbados, Guatemala, Guyana and Antiqua, and ranging in age from 5 years to a solera of 23 rums.  Join us for an introduction to sipping rums & fun conversation! 

Rum Tasting - Past Event Feb'17 -  Notes Here

January Tasting  -PAST EVENT  - NOTES

Brand new approach to American whiskey sales, offerings from an Independent Bottler

Prevalent in the sales of Scottish & Irish Whiskies, Independent Bottling houses are some of the oldest surviving whiskey selling businesses. Craft Barrell Spirit released their first batch in 2013 and have won numerouse awards for their cask strength, aged bourbons, whiskey and a rum!

Click the Notes Link to review our tasting line up and methods!

Decembers 1st Tuesday Tasting - Past Event!

             Haig Club     The Exceptional Grain    Springbank 15      Ardbeg Perpetuum     Tullamore 14 year   Whistle Pig 15 and....    High West's .....A MidWinter's Night Dram

3rd Tuesday Tasting - Past Event - Notes

Wine & Tapas Tasting - Aug 30th - Past Event  - Notes


   Steve led us on the wine trail of Spain begining with a delicious Abrillo, and continuing with Albarino, Rioja, Crianza & Ribera del Duero wines. The kitchen team had fun with the Tapas guidleines and produced a great selection throughout the evening!

Whiskey Tasting - America! -

    A fun grouping of once off or hard to find bottles to share on a warm humid evening in the South! 

    Malt - Westland Sherry,   Rye - Whistle Pig,  Bourbon  - Eagle Rare 10 yr,   Bourbon  - Hancock's, Single Barrel, 

    Bourbon - Yellow Stone - Limestone Branch Limited Edition   Rye Blend - Yippie Ki-Yay High West sourced, wine barrel matured  Bourbon -  Rhetoric 22 year Old - Orphan Barrel Series 

   Bonus Tues TastingAugust 16th ~  Past Event  Notes

          FEATURING GLENLIVET - Presented by Craig Vaught  ~ Brand Ambassador

   What an amazing line up we were able to arrange! Unique selection with the addition of sister brands and a single cask expression from the distiller itself!

Aug - Japanese Tasting  August 2nd  - Past Event   Notes

       A once off very limited seating tasting, we enjoyed a range of Nikka & Suntory Whiskies

from the top Japanese distillers. Lighter & brighter, with less after taste than your average scotch, guests were impressed by the fruity notes throughout the line! 

July - American Malt Tasting July 5th - Past Event  Notes

        In keeping with our national holiday on the 4th, we will be celebrating the American        Malt Whiskies that are gaining ground on backbars around town! We'll taste through a      selection of All American Single Malts,  Including Westland's Standard, & Sherry Cask    finishes, St Georges, and from Texas ! Rebecca Creek, Swift & Herman Marshall 

 World Whisky Day  May 21st - Past Event

   Not so much a tasting as much as an opportunity to enjoy a dram among friends. Yes we did open the Pappys and start it on its way to another year of extinction. With a 20% off any whisky $10 or over we saw a nice range leaving the bar, lots of flights, and individual tastes of Glenrothes, Hedonism Maximus, Laphroaig 25 & 32 year olds, a couple of Signatories like the 1990 Longmorn & 97 Glenrothes and a new AD Ratttray 25 year old Bowmore single cask.

 The Glenrothes  April 5th  - Past Event  Notes

   A unique single malt Scotch whisky, produces 5+ Million liters a year in the heart of Speyside, the majority of which is used in blended scotch whiskies such as Cutty Sark and The Famous Grouse. The Glenrothes Single Malt is licensed by Berry Bros & Rudd who maintain the distillery's style of fruity Bourbon & Sherry cask releases when deemed ready rather than standard year expressions. 

Balvenie with Wingo! - Monday March 7th - Past Event 

I have been accused in the past of always saying the last tasting we did was going to be hard to beat, but then its true most of the time. The guests that joined us for Jonathan Wingo's presentation were amazed at the depth of knowledge, approachable presentation style, and two hours of tasting fun! Thanks for a great night Mr Wingo!

Tasting Regionally - Sept 6th - Past Event  - Notes

A review of Lowland, Highland, Speyside, Islnd (Non Islay) Islay & Ireland!

  An opportunity for to share a post holiday Tuesday with guests who enjoy whisky and our experimental tapas! Visit our notes for the whiskies, our tapas included Goat Cheese, Strawberries & Basil, Orange & Chocolate Waffle with smoky Orange, Savory porridge with White Pudding & Mushrooms & Grilled Apple.  Bonus serve not in the notes? Signatory's Longmorn 24 years old

All About The Wood Tasting - Past Event - Notes

Our November tasting focused on cask finishes from across Scotland with something completely different to finish up!

​        Glen Moray Chardonnay Cask            Glen Scotia, Bourbon / PX Sherry    

        Spey River,  Rum Cask​​                      Inchmurrin, Madeira Barrel

        Deanston,   Cognac Cask                    Kavalan, Port Pipe (Taiwan)

Whiskey Tasting - Tues February 24th - Past Event  

A special evening for a select few, to spend time with USA Brand Ambassador Tim Herlihy and taste some of the delicious expressions from TULLAMORE D.E.W.! Tim stopped off on his 50 states in 30 days tour of the USA celebrating the best Irish Pubs along the way! Watch your screens on St Patricks Days for special toastasts from the man himself! A highlight was the Tullamore 10 Single Malt paired with Salty Rasher, buttered Toast and a runny poached egg - delish!

Whiskey Tasting - Tues February 2nd - Past Event  - Notes


               Kilchoman Distillery is the newest commercial distillery on the Island of Islay off Scotland's West Coast, just turned ten years old, the majority of the available expressions are under ten running between 5-8 years old. Our tasting focused on the wood styles in which this peaty whisky is finished.  Sherry, Madeira & Bourbon cask expressions from 46 - 59% abv range. In addition to the standard distillery editions we enjoyed a number of single cask matured bottlings! Avoifdmissing our events coming up like the Trinity Hall's Facebook page, and then subscribe to our events!

Whiskey Tasting - Tues January 12th - Past Event    Notes   


              Quite a collection we had here to kick off the year, ranging from Grain to Malt, Japanese, Irish, Blend & Singles and a fun group of guests that were tasting many of the line for the first time. Nikka Coffey - the Coffey is the still that produces grain alcohol not coffee flavoring, and one of the crowd pleasers!

Whiskey Tasting - Tues December 8th - Past Event      


              Glenfiddich Twenty-one deconstructed! A great opportunity to sit with Brand Ambassador David Allardice and learn more about the delicious Rum Cask finished Gran Reserva. Tasting the original straight malt and seeing how it progresses under the Malt Master's guidance to achieve the complex richness that is the 21! This was a last minute pop up and a nice mid holiday season treat!  Due to the style of tasting we did not prepare notes in advance. 

Whiskey Tasting - Tues December 1st - Past Event      NOTES


   An almost Blind Tasting  - We started with 6 whiskies, and tasting notes for 6 whiskies and the challenge for guests was to match up tasting notes and tastes! Out of almost 30 attendees we had 1 guest who got all six whiskies correct, a good group were confident in 4 out of 6 and some of our newer to tasting guests simply enjoyed the whisky and the banter back an forth!


   Check out the Notes for a link to the brochure and to see how the process worked!

Whiskey Tasting - Tues November 3rd - Past Event      NOTES


  Rather than a full line up from a single distillery or brand, we are going to enjoy the new releases from a variety of styles all in one sit down! Ranging from bright and fruity, to rich and smoky there is something in this line up for everyone. All Scottish and all single malts they are mostly new expressions added to distillery line ups this year. 


MORTLACH RARE OLD              LAPHROAIG             LONGMORN 16        

 New distillery release              Cairdeas 2015              Replaced 15 yr      



Independent 22 yr                     Peated 15ppm                       "Heavily" peated 


 An interesting range of styles, barreling and ages will make this a great tasting for seeing components of whisky tastes side by side

Whiskey Tasting - Tues October 6th - Past Event     NOTES 

     A new to us line from one of Scotland's youngest distilleries that can be found on the wee Island of Arran that lies between Glasgow and Campbeltown. Led by Gary Clark we tasted through a selection of the standard expressions and single cask expressions. All were well received with and the distillery style of little or no smoke, fruity and well balanced coming through each of them. Many of their bottlings are higher than average abv so be sure to take your time and enjoy over an ice ball or with a drop or three of water to really open up!

Wine Tasting & Dinner - Tues Sept 15th - Past Event     NOTES 


What a fun night we had, with delicious wines from Oregon - Del Rio Vineyard and Winery - presented by Jennifer Kerrigan and paired with plates composed between Holly @OffTheVine and our kitchen brigade led by Jose! Finished up with a chilled Irish Coffee of cold pressed coffee, California Cabernet Cask finished Irish Whiskey and fresh whipped cream, served with Reverie Bakery Vegan / Gluten Free Brownie & Raspberry sorbet.  Check out our Program Note Card from the event!

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