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SATURDAY MAY 20th, 2017

5th Annual Event

  • World wide celebration

  • Noon:  Lecture, Lunch & Flight

  • THIP's Pappy Release 2PM

  • Whiskey Specials All Day

  • Fun For All!

World Whiskey Day is simply our excuse to enjoy some really great whiskey!


"Shots Of Knowledge - The Science of Whiskey"

A presentation & Lunch Tasting with

TX Whiskey's Rob Arnold,  TCU Prof. Eric Simanek

& TCU Sr. Assoc. Dean Dr. Magnus Rittby

Authors of the book, and collaborators in creating whiskey magic, Eric & Rob offer us the inside scoop on the "art & science of whiskey creation", way beyond the usual brand marketing of most tasting events, we'll hear about the molecular level  interactions  between biology and chemistry, chains & reactions!

          "The transformation of grain to whiskey is a craft rooted in scientific and historical synergies. However, all too often, whiskey marketing and advertising only allow for a very superficial explanation of how whiskey is made. In their book Shots of Knowledge: The Science of Whiskey, Eric Simanek (Chair of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at TCU) and Rob Arnold (Head Distiller at Firestone & Robertson Distillery) divulge the details behind the art and science of whiskey creation. On May 20th for World Whiskey Day, the authors will provide us with a presentation inspired by their book, which will be followed by a lunch and whiskey tasting at the Pub."

Reserved Seating Has Closed For This Event

Presentation, followed by Lunch & Whiskey Flight 

Books will be available for sale with opportunity for author signing by 

TX Whiskey's Rob Arnold & TCU Prof. Eric Simanek

$ 50 Per person Advance Purchase Tickets required and available 

Includes Presentation Admittance, Lunch (Limited Menu pre-order) 4 Dram Flight

PRE-ORDER Autographed Book with your Ticket

$80 Per Order includes personalized Autographed Book - pick up at event -

 Presentation admittance, Lunch (Limited Menu  pre-order), 4 Dram Flight

Advance Ticket Sales Are Closed

Non reserved seating based on availabilty at the door 

Want MORE Details on the Presentation? Fasten your seat belts.......


      "Our lecture will cover familiar topics such as grains, yeasts, copper stills, and oak barrels, but the journey across these topics will be quite novel. The story starts at a common beginning and travels to the mysterious worlds of sunlight, molecules, and enzymes. We’ll traverse the starchy realm of the grain seed, the sugary ocean of a mash, and the ethanol-rich domain of a beer fermentation.


      From there, we’ll investigate how copper and distillation turn beer into white dog; and then we’ll witness a metamorphosis in oak that has no rival—that of white dog becoming whiskey.


      The finale will reveal how congeners—those chemical compounds that arise during the whiskey making process—dance on our sensory receptors to elicit flavor. The last world we visit will be that of the future, as we consider what new ideas and technologies will propel whiskey into the next age!"  


WOW! Should Not Be Missed By DFW's Whiskey Fans!

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